Want to broaden the reach of your product or service Nationally?

Would you like to increase the number of 'ready to buy' customers calling to buy from you? If so, you may be a fit as a client for performace based (a.k.a. pay per call) advertising. Read further before deciding. If you like what you read and would like a no obligation, full disclosure consultation over coffee. Call us at: 866-365-9550

Our 'Performance' Clients Enjoy These Benefits of Working with Us:

  • No up front ad spend for performance based print ad placement
  • No fees to pay us for creative ad production or for ad placement; we're paid commission by the publishers
  • Ads targeted geographically in over 4000 directional marketing publications (reach + branding opportunity)
  • Receive highly targeted calls from customers who were actively searching for your products or services
  • Sophisticated algorithm filters out most recognized telemarketer calls
  • Pre-negotiated 'qualified call time' allows you time to further qualify call as a buyer call (30 sec in most cases)
  • 'Ease in' ramp-up allows you to adjust to handling increasing call volumes (we can also assist with call center selection if call volumes demand)
  • Pay as you go--- you only pay for the calls you get---we target your customer---filter the 'dirty calls'---you get the clean leads
Some Examples of Pay Per Call Advertisers And Print Publishers
Satellite TV Dealers Merchant Services
Cellular Dealers Mesothelioma Attorneys
Divorce Paperwork Preparation Health Insurance
Alarm System Installation Personal Injury Attorneys

What You Need To Know About Your Business:

What is one new customer worth to you. (what is one new sale of your products or services worth?) What is your closing ratio (Example:::out of 100 calls you close 30, you have a 30% closing ratio) - Answers to those 2 questions will make it apparent what your "cost per call" needs to be to make direct response 'pay per call' an affordable marketing model for you.