Why Use a CMR?

A Certified Marketing Representative (CMR) is a specialized agency that is authorized to place yellow page advertising for qualifying national and regional clients in over 4,000 directories in the U.S. and around the world. The agency has met the YPA's (Yellow Pages Association) qualifications to become a CMR, has received special training in YP ad planning and placement, and must pass a series of exams before being awarded CMR status.

CMR status must be earned, and not every advertising agency is a qualified CMR. ROI Media LLC is CMR #281 and went through a rigorous certification process with the Yellow Pages Association to ensure you the highest quality of work.

The client (that's you) authorizes the CMR to manage their regional or national yellow pages advertising. Thus greatly simplifying management of multiple directory placements and billings for the client. Rather than working with several sales people employed by each publisher on individual books, CMR clients work with one CMR who organizes and manage all of the client's YP programs across all DMAs with all publishers. As your CMR, we'll research, develop and design your YP advertising campaigns. This gives you the convenience of one contact, one contract, one billing contact. Becoming a client is easy, you must qualify to be a national or regional account. To qualify as a national account, you must:

  • Advertise in 3 or more states
  • Advertise in 20 or more yellow pages directories
  • Advertise with 2 or more yellow pages publishers
  • Spend at least 30% of your advertising dollars outside of your primary state

If you don't qualify as a national account, you may still be eligible to take advantage of the many benefits of a CMR - contact us to see if you qualify as a regional account. Either way, we'll take the pain our of yellow pages advertising for you! To contact us to see if your company qualifies, please call 866-365-9550.